Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Vintage Weddings: less is more!

The vintage wedding trend is an excellent option that incorporates a little bit of fancy, romance and charm, while also expressing the couple’s personal touch.

Vintage inspiration can be found in a number of places. Many couples opt to include family heirlooms and antiques into their decoration; others have a way of romanticizing through colors and small details, whether you decide to do one or the other it is important to keep in mind that not every aspect of vintage should have the same intensity, make sure you don’t overcharge the scene with decorations! 

We’ve put together a couple of ideas to give your celebration an old-fashioned flair!

·         Check out all time favorite romance movies for inspiration: Casablanca, The Notebook or Meet me in St. Louis and use your favorite quotes on invitations and reception tables. You can create a touch of nostalgia by using letterpress printing and tea-stained papers.

·         Accessories are a great accent to dreamy ceremonies, but make sure you pick the right ones so that they compliment the tropical surroundings and climate. Feathers, and Art Deco jewelry or cute parasols make adorable summer accessories that will be a perfect match with beach surroundings.

·         Take bride and groom’s favorite pictures as children from family albums, and place them inside mason jars to create personalized center pieces. Painting them with dust blue and gray colors, plus adding white flowers is a simple yet elegant idea that will make the arrangements be near and dear to the guests’ hearts.

·         Soft color handmade ribbon streamers are a great element for vintage decoration. Tied around chairs, flowers or spread out on tables for guests to wave throughout the reception toasts.

Keep always in mind that when it comes to vintage wedding decor, less is more. Be sure the elements included are well balanced for your big day. A smart distribution of antique items and soft color balance is what will add character and visual elegance to this romantic style!

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