Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Perfect Timing!

Have you been wondering – how should the flow go to make the most of your special day?

It is very common for us to get questions like: what time should we start, how long will the ceremony take, and many others regarding the best timing for your wedding day.

This is something that we customize according to each couple’s expectations and wishes, but we are pleased to guide you along way as to what works well. For the early birds, the perfect option could from a morning ceremony with bright sun and a refreshing morning sea breeze, and followed by one of our delicious brunch buffets accompanied with a station of mimosas, bloody Marys and smoothies!  

Or go with the most popular Sunset Ceremony which will usually take place at 4:30pm, the ceremony will last about 20 minutes, allowing just over an hour for the post ceremony photo session with the breathtaking sunset to complement all of your pictures! This will usually go from 5:00pm to 6:00pm, in the mean time your guests can start enjoying your choice of signature cocktail and open bar, with a lounge set up right at the beach, with its private and intimate atmosphere, or at one of our open air locations, specially accommodated for private functions. By that time the music would start getting your guests into the “perfect night feeling” to celebrate your special union – music can be provided by a romantic latin trio, spun by a private DJ, or simply by your IPod with your selected play list according to your tastes.  Now it’s time to really get in the spirit of the event with the Dinner Reception, there are many, details to cover with this such as menu, set up, decoration, entertainment, etc (that we will extend in another posts in our Blog, so stay tuned!!! ). We recommend that the Dinner Reception start by 6:00 or 6:30pm and last 3 or 4 hours, depending on your additional activities, like words by couple, best man and others… first dances, music, entertainment. The great thing is you can decide how much “tradition” you would like to incorporate into your special evening – everyting and anything goes!  So don’t worry about whether you do or don’t do the garter toss, be free to enjoy as you wish!  Then, your perfect and long dreamed of night could end with “the cherry on top” by having a Fireworks show, releasing wish lanterns or perhaps by having our classic beach bonfires at the beach, imagine?! You, your family and friends, under the stars, with the relaxing and harmonic sound of the sea, all this perfectly complemented with a sweet and smores station, marshmallows, chocolate covered fruit kebabs, caramel, “dulce de leche”, chocolate sauce and many others to be roasted on the bonfire…  what could be more special????

Here at Hilton Papagayo while planning the timing of your special celebration we will ensure to provide you with all necessary tools, assistance and ideas looking to create the perfect wedding, what you have been dreaming of all your life!

Warm Regards!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Relive the Moment Contest!

We would like to congratulate the winners and all participants who submitted pictures for our "Relive the Moment" contest. We asked all couples who got married at our property, to post their favorite picture taken on their special day. Sheli & Marc Plenge who got married on our Spa Beach on September 10, 2011, will be enjoying our Junior Suite w/ plunge pool during their complimentary 4 day, 3 night stay at our property for their anniversary in 2013!

Please check out our facebook page for our 2nd and 3rd place winners: facebook.com/hiltonpapagayo

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Location, location, location!

It is true that wedding details are important, but one detail that many tend to forget is… What’s next? Do we stay at the hotel after the wedding? Is there anything else to do outside of the resort? What about your guests – will they have the chance to have a vacation as well as attend our wedding? Sure… your family and friends come down to celebrate with you during your special day, but will that be the only highlight of their (and your!) trip? Yep…that’s a lot of questions… but don’t worry, Pura Vida, that’s why im here for.

Of course I can talk to you about our little slice of paradise we like to call Hilton Papagayo (the best resort out there by the way!), but instead, let me talk to you about what's around us. One thing is for sure, whatever time of year you come, take out your cameras, because Costa Rica is definitely Facebook worthy!

Between December and April, it is very rare for even a drop rain to fall in the area; therefore it’s commonly called the Gold Season. The rain starts creeping back in at the beginning of May, up to mid November, which is considered the Green Season. I have never seen a place that rain (yes, that weather that normally makes you want to stay in all day) brings smiles to everyone’s faces; this is because the area turns into a place that even locals feel that they have seen for the very first time. Lush and green, this incredible scenery is everything that you dreamed that Costa Rica would be.  These short afternoon showers, in no way stop guests from hitting the zip lines, white water rafting trips, atv tours, and even mud baths!  The Gold Season starts at the beginning of November, which is also great for many outdoor activities…like tanning of course! There is never a month that I would tell you “DON’T COME!” Rain or shine, Costa Rica looks beautiful, and I have no doubt that is magical place will surely surprise you.

Amazing highlights of the country can be experienced on tours such as white water rafting in Rio Tenorio, swimming in the majestic Rio Celeste, Cortes Waterfalls , Palo Verde National Park, Volcano Rincon de La Vieja, and Zip Lining at Congo Trail, are just some of the nearby activities that you can also enjoy. Reservations can easily be done on property, so don’t worry, PURA VIDA, everything is right here for you.

And if you prefer to venture out, rent a car with GPS (we have Alamo on site). Costa Rica is quite safe. I’m not saying to go dress like Mr. T. from the ATeam, rent a Benz and sick out your arm out the window with the next iPhone, but once you avoid actions such as these, you will get the opportunity to enjoy yourself. Remember, as the Ticos say…. Pura Vida.

Close to Hilton Papagayo (7 min), you can find a beach town called Playa Hermosa, where you can hang with the locals, enjoy local dishes such as a Cevichito or Arroz con Camarones. I won’t translate, I will let you Google that!  

You can also visit Playa del Coco (10 min) from the hotel, where you can find great nightlife. It’s a fun little beach town with restaurants, bars, and souvenir shops.

You can explore Liberia, 25 minutes from the hotel. This is quite a large town (or small city) which is commonly called the heart of Guanacaste. Catholic Churches, Parks, Restaurants, Movie theaters, Universities, among others are found in this area...and for those who are not as adventurous; there are also fast food options, so you can get your McDonalds fix as well…

Why not take a 1 hour drive to the beautiful beaches of Tamarindo, famous for surfers, fun bars, large variety of restaurants and amazing sunsets.

These are just some suggestions, and believe me, there are many MORE.  So EXPLORE and see what’s in STORE, tell your significant other “don’t be a CHORE”, and do something you have never done BEFORE! 

As you can see, Costa Rica is a lovely destination that satisfies all tastes for you, your significant other, and your guests. Once you arrive, it a place that you will  be talking about for years to come…

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The dreaded "B" word......Budget!

Every woman dreams with her wedding day, with that dress that makes her look like a princess, with the perfect place to say I do, and especially to find that special person with spend the rest of her life.

However, these dreams may be affected by one small detail: The budget.

There are so many things to organize, and most of the time you don´t know where to start, but a very important point is to know how much money you are going to set apart to organize the wedding of your dreams, without having to empty your pockets.

Here I’m going to give you some advice in making your wedding a great experience, without wondering if there will be any left for the honeymoon!

·         First step is to talk with your groom about the details that you think are most important for your wedding
·         Set the budget. This is the most important step because the other details are going to depend of it.
·         Decide the style of wedding you would like.
·         The wedding has a lot of details, like the invitations, "memories" for guests, etc. Try to save costs by making them by yourselves, its fun, involve family and friends, and you could take that money for something else (like those great flip flops you always wanted to wear under your wedding dress)!.
·         Celebrate the ceremony, reception and honeymoon in one place, which will save you much money. Obviously...Hilton Papagayo is a great option.

The place where you will be having the big day is very important… Only imagine yourself, at the seashore, with a cooling breeze, while all of your guests are amazed at such a breathtaking backdrop of a sunset, that creates a silhouette of a match made in heaven. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Like if we were talking about a scene out of The Notebook!? In Hilton Papagayo is possible, and you could be the stars!

We know that one’s budget is key, which at times to minimize the options that you always wanted, but it is also true that your wedding is YOUR WEDDING, and it may be something you have been dreaming every so long! So we have very attractive options that you should check out…

We want your wedding to be better than you ever dreamed, and that’s why we are open to see how we can provide options that fit into your budget.. this is what we refer to customizing your wedding to fit your budget.

Therefore never be afraid of the "B" word... we are here for you!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Married in Costa Rica...Is it really that easy?

We have received questions from couples asking how easy is it to get married in Costa Rica. Its as easy as saying "I Do!". Unlike countries like Mexico and Jamaica, where you require to present blood tests, length of stay prior to the wedding, and maybe even your birth certificate.... You might as well give them your social security number and your most recent family photo!... For Costa Rica the procedure is simple... all you will need is the following:

1.    Scanned copies of current passports for Groom, Bride and Witnesses (obligatory / copies needed beforehand).

2.    Two witnesses at the ceremony. Anyone serve you as witnesses even your close family or the Hotel employees (In case you do not have any witnesses the attorney’s office can provide them for you without any additional costs).

3.    Fill out a simple wedding questionnaire (obligatory / needed beforehand)

Well that's easy! Isn't it?

After the ceremony, you will be given the marriage statement sent to the Costa Rican Civil Registry (the governmental institution which records the marriages in Costa Rica), officially translated into English. Therefore you would be able to submit this document to your Marriages Record Office and get your marriage filed in your Country once you get back home, without waiting for the registration process in Costa Rica to be concluded. 

The registration process of a Civil Marriage in Costa Rica takes approximately three months after the wedding day. The official marriage certificate issued by the Costa Rican Civil Registry Office will be sent to you.

The marriage in Costa Rica is recognized in U.S.A. and Canada, and is considered a legal union anywhere in the world.

So whats taking you so long to come down and get married in paradise... were expecting you!