Friday, January 17, 2014

Color Fusion: stylish and inspired

Deciding on the right color theme for your wedding may seem overwhelming. Color is most of the times the element that unifies the wedding details and it shouldinspire!

Holding the ceremony by the sea allows the colors of nature to combine with the rest of the color palette. And although having a wedding by the sea might suggest that the natural choice would be blue, that’s not written in stone!

Pastels are always a smart combination that works yearround, and they give a romantic and tender look to all set-ups.

Vibrant colors are naturally showcased through orchids and other tropical flowers, and are a fun statement that has endless combination possibilities with fabrics, napkins, center pieces, and personalized design touches!

Whether you decide to go with light coloring or if you have an adventurous spirit that makes a statement through color, be sure to use dark colors only for accents.

Make sure your color choices have the same intensity so you avoid despairing looks, and remember every color is beautiful but not every combination will capture the mood you want to evoke for your big day, so always keep focused on your theme.

If you want to change things up using a variety of color schemes, be sure to use a consistent color palette for each part of your special day, for example one palette for the ceremony, another one for the cocktail and a final one for the reception/dinner.

It is very important to take into account that most likely the colors should match the wedding flowers, so an idea is to pick your colors knowing what’s on offer in terms of flower availability.
Remember ambiance can also be evoked through lighting, and how it is used can make or break a space. Light colors often soften the ambience while strong color lights are more of a happening showcase!
So either if you go with your favorite color or a trendy one, consider first ihow it will come together with invitations, linens, accessories, centerpieces, reception tables, glassware and even you dress!

Stay Tune!!