Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Getting Married in Costa Rica...Is it really that easy?

We have received questions from couples asking how easy is it to get married in Costa Rica. Its as easy as saying "I Do!". Unlike countries like Mexico and Jamaica, where you require to present blood tests, length of stay prior to the wedding, and maybe even your birth certificate.... You might as well give them your social security number and your most recent family photo!... For Costa Rica the procedure is simple... all you will need is the following:

1.    Scanned copies of current passports for Groom, Bride and Witnesses (obligatory / copies needed beforehand).

2.    Two witnesses at the ceremony. Anyone serve you as witnesses even your close family or the Hotel employees (In case you do not have any witnesses the attorney’s office can provide them for you without any additional costs).

3.    Fill out a simple wedding questionnaire (obligatory / needed beforehand)

Well that's easy! Isn't it?

After the ceremony, you will be given the marriage statement sent to the Costa Rican Civil Registry (the governmental institution which records the marriages in Costa Rica), officially translated into English. Therefore you would be able to submit this document to your Marriages Record Office and get your marriage filed in your Country once you get back home, without waiting for the registration process in Costa Rica to be concluded. 

The registration process of a Civil Marriage in Costa Rica takes approximately three months after the wedding day. The official marriage certificate issued by the Costa Rican Civil Registry Office will be sent to you.

The marriage in Costa Rica is recognized in U.S.A. and Canada, and is considered a legal union anywhere in the world.

So whats taking you so long to come down and get married in paradise... were expecting you!