Monday, August 26, 2013

Lifetime memories… Tips for great wedding photos!

Having the perfect wedding is definitely every bride’s dream; like most life-changing moments there are no do overs and those magical moments tend to be gone much too soon in the midst of nerves and excitement.

We understand getting truly great photos of your wedding ceremony and reception is crucial. You’ve planned every detail, read every single one of our blog posts and become best friends with your wedding planner; it is now time to make sure your special day is photographed to perfection.

We decided to get some great advice from the experts. These tips from our close friends at El Velo Photography ( will help you plan ahead and make smart decisions to ensure your only job is to look joyful on your special day.

v  If your ceremony is outdoors, make sure you have an indoor backup location just in case, the last call should be take at least 4 hours before the event (this will depend on the wedding location).
v  It’s always a good idea to check the 10-day forecast to avoid any surprises on your wedding day.  If your location and season pose a serious risk of rain, try to have umbrellas handy, they can serve as a great accessory for a session with a light drizzle. You may even find some playful designs that match your wedding theme and could also be used as parasols in tropical locations.
v  Don't be afraid to express if you have an idea for a photograph, you’re always welcome to add your personal style to the session. Communicate with your photographer, they are very creative and will provide great technical knowledge to improve your suggestions.
v  For any pre-wedding outdoor activities (attention beach brides!), remember and remind your bridal party to wear sun block to avoid tan lines on your wedding day pictures.
v  If you have a makeup artist with you, make sure they coordinate with your photographer as well. Keep your photographer involved during your makeup test so that you can get a preview and make any changes. If any decisions you’ve made don’t photograph well, you’ll want to know in advance. 
v  No makeup artist? Not a problem! Just carry an emergency kit for a retouch every now and then so you look fresh at all times.
v  Unlike other countries, Costa Rica does not have daylight savings time. It gets dark between 5:10 and 6:10 depending on the time of the year. Check for estimated sunset times around your wedding day if you’re counting on daylight for your ceremony.
v  To take advantage of the sunset for your pictures, calculate walking down the aisle at least 75 minutes before sunset, here’s why:

Ceremony (Legal)
15 – 20 minutes
Guest congratulations
10 minutes
Photos with family,
25 minutes (depending on # of family members)
Couple’s photo session
20 minutes

As you can read above, having a photo session at Costa Rica (specially at a Tropical Beach) will definitely change the picture and conditions, which is why it’s so important to cover all details with the professional, just like we would do here at Hilton Papagayo…

We hope these tips will give you a usefull extra hand when it comes to the Photo Session.

Keep Tuned!
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