Thursday, November 28, 2013

A Rustic Charm in a Tropical Wedding..!

Having a rustic wedding is a wonderful challenge. There are many fantastic decorations and ideas to put together, often inspired by the country and forage from nature.

Therefore, essential rustic decorations can often pile up a lot of greens, yellows, and brownish colors along the arbor structure. But what if you chose to print your very own personal touch to pair these rustic options?

A superb way is to fill it with dazed splashes of your favorite color and play off with all the options that the beach and summer has to offer.

Create your bouquet between a playful mix of wildflowers, hydrangeas, and peonies, wrapped up with jute scarps, colorful ribbons, burlap fabric or a clean and fresh lace that matches other fabrics used for the set-up decoration.

Outdoor summer venues have endless possibilities when it comes to rustic decorations: garlands and candle-filled mason jars in jute hangers, suspended from tree branches fill the environment with charm and romance. 

Tree branches can hold mason jars with flowers as aisle decorations complemented by tiki torches. Another way to use mason jars is in center pieces: filled with sand, sea shells, as chandeliers with wire handles or water tinted filled with seasonal flowers. Pair them up with the seating cards decorated with a few elegant marine essentials such as sailboats, sailor’s heart knot ties and maps.

One or two theme pieces that enlighten the set-up will be enough to avoid going overboard with these kinds of details!

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Warm regards from Papagayo, Costa Rica.