Wednesday, April 4, 2012

The dreaded "B" word......Budget!

Every woman dreams with her wedding day, with that dress that makes her look like a princess, with the perfect place to say I do, and especially to find that special person with spend the rest of her life.

However, these dreams may be affected by one small detail: The budget.

There are so many things to organize, and most of the time you don´t know where to start, but a very important point is to know how much money you are going to set apart to organize the wedding of your dreams, without having to empty your pockets.

Here I’m going to give you some advice in making your wedding a great experience, without wondering if there will be any left for the honeymoon!

·         First step is to talk with your groom about the details that you think are most important for your wedding
·         Set the budget. This is the most important step because the other details are going to depend of it.
·         Decide the style of wedding you would like.
·         The wedding has a lot of details, like the invitations, "memories" for guests, etc. Try to save costs by making them by yourselves, its fun, involve family and friends, and you could take that money for something else (like those great flip flops you always wanted to wear under your wedding dress)!.
·         Celebrate the ceremony, reception and honeymoon in one place, which will save you much money. Obviously...Hilton Papagayo is a great option.

The place where you will be having the big day is very important… Only imagine yourself, at the seashore, with a cooling breeze, while all of your guests are amazed at such a breathtaking backdrop of a sunset, that creates a silhouette of a match made in heaven. Sounds perfect doesn’t it? Like if we were talking about a scene out of The Notebook!? In Hilton Papagayo is possible, and you could be the stars!

We know that one’s budget is key, which at times to minimize the options that you always wanted, but it is also true that your wedding is YOUR WEDDING, and it may be something you have been dreaming every so long! So we have very attractive options that you should check out…

We want your wedding to be better than you ever dreamed, and that’s why we are open to see how we can provide options that fit into your budget.. this is what we refer to customizing your wedding to fit your budget.

Therefore never be afraid of the "B" word... we are here for you!


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