Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Your love's soundtracks...

Music fits into our lives in the most various ways, every special occasion, every memory; every mood has its very own soundtrack that flips memories onto our heads whenever played again.

Music will indeed play a big role during your big day. Whether you are considering a playlist that includes the songs you love or a DJ or band that takes the lead on what to perform, here are some tips for you to consider:

  • It’s always a romantic idea to personalize your walk down the aisle with a song that has a special meaning for the couple, consider one song for the beginning and another one for your walk back up the aisle, this will help you feel confident and release your anxiety!
  • If you chose to create a playlist make yourself a big list of everything you'd love to hear at your wedding for every step of the way — check back every few days in order to make sure the list of songs fits for what you expect for yourselves and the wedding guests.
  • Include a good set of instrumental tunes or slow music to play in the background during cocktail hour and/or dinner, this works as a nice transition for your loved ones to prepare before raving about the music!
  • Wedding waltz was considered the symbolic first presentation of a young couple as “husband and wife’. As times have changed, it is now considered as a First Dance, often with the couple’s favorite song. You can always add a little touch of fun by starting traditional and then switching to your own style.
  • Friends and relatives are always in the mood to participate in unorthodox fun entrances and surprise first dances or flash mobs, this is a perfect ice-breaker for people to get together on the days previous to the wedding, and a viewing pleasure for those who rather watch from their seats.
  • If you chose to hire a DJ or band instead of using a playlist make sure you previously give them an idea on what style you are expecting. Have a 10-list must play songs, that should be performed and then they can take it from there, or explain they should focus on songs that will make it fun for everyone.
  •  When choosing destination weddings, liven up the venue with local music bands from the country you are visiting, this is always a great way to celebrate in a creative manner.

Finally, for a little inspiration, here are 
some of the most popular songs newlywed couples have selected for their first dance at Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa
  1. “Love and Some Verses” by Iron and Wine
  2. “How Deep is Your Love” by The Bird and the Bee
  3. “All I Want Is You” by Barry Louis Polisar
  4. “Better together” by Jack Johnson
  5. “I want to marry you” by Bruno Mars

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