Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Choosing your Dream Wedding Cake

As if planning a wedding is not hard enough… selecting the wedding cake will join your endless list! Not to worry. We want to provide you with an extra hand and a couple of ideas when choosing your wedding cake!
Here are 5 great tips:
1.       Budget: Set your initial and very realistic budget before you start planning; this will avoid going through a lot of ideas that due to the money factor you will not be able to reach. This is a very common mistake and we mention it in most of our articles.  Present your ideas and expectations to your wedding planner or Pastry Chef so that they can plan according to your expectations and possibilities. A great money-saving tip: serve the wedding cake as dessert on your reception dinner.
2.       Flavor: no matter how beautiful, tall or colorful your wedding cake is, its main role is to taste great. Do not overlook this aspect when you’re being dazzled by cake designs. Make sure you arrange a cake tasting before you make your final decision.  Even all-time favorites like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry will taste different depending on the preparation, pastry chef and even how long the cake has been sitting out prior to cutting and eating it. Don’t make assumptions. It’s very likely that you know exactly what you want your cake to look, taste and smell like, so try it out first and scratch that concern off your list.
3.       Theme:  the wedding theme will be all over the ceremony and reception: flowers, color of tables and linens, and of course, your wedding cake. Making sure it will match with your dress color, your bridesmaids dresses and the atmosphere overall it’s a big trend this season. Some little tips for selecting the shape: round is traditional, square is modern and fun, but an oval-shaped cake draws a lot of attention and allows the pastry chef more room upon which to create a masterpiece.
4.       Weather and Temperature: keep the temperature and location of your wedding in mind so you can make a good call on your cakes frosting; whether it’s a classic icing, fondant or butter cream you need to keep in mind if your reception will be indoors or outdoors, if the temperature will be cold or hot, windy, sunny, humid, etc. For example: if you’re having your wedding in a  tropical destination you can expect heat and humidity, so fondant is the best way to go to keep your cake looking great until it’s time to dig in.
5.       The Don’ts:
a.       Wait until the last minute to starting working on your cake’s details. Most bakeries work their agendas and calendars with weeks in advance.
b.      Ask your entire wedding party what they want the cake to look or taste like. Just as you should with the menu, location and honeymoon destination, choose your wedding cake with your and you future spouse’s preference in mind… after all, it’s you two who’ll be standing on top!

We truly hope that this will help you during the crazy but magical wedding planning chapter of your life. Don’t hesitate to contact our team at Hilton Papagayo for more information.
Warm Regards!


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