Monday, May 27, 2013

Menu Selection for your Wedding

During our last post we provided you with a list of key points to consider as you begin planning your wedding. Although all the details and steps are important to make this a perfect day, the menu selection is definitely a brainteaser… trying to decide on items that you and your future spouse, your parents, your family and your guests will love is almost impossible, so start off by deciding to prioritize who’s taste buds are most relevant.
Our most common tip to our couples is to focus first and foremost on what they like. This unforgettable day should be ALL about you: the location, music, decoration, timing and specially food and beverage selection must fulfill your expectations. Work on what will make you and your bride or groom happy, and trust that seeing you enjoy your day will also please your guests.
Find support in your Wedding Planner and caterer or Chef for selecting appetizers, entrĂ©es and desserts that match the venue and destination, explore the possibilities of new local products for a unique menu selection. Whoever you’ve selected to be the creative mastermind of your menu, consult with them prior to making any final decisions and ask all the questions you can think of regarding how your menu and the food services will be affected by the location, weather , distance from kitchen to reception, time of the day, etc. Also, be aware of any food allergies, dietary needs and preferences of your guests so that you can plan ahead and avoid emergencies or one of your guests being hungry during the reception or waiting too long for their meal. Finally, talk to your planner to get guidance on the timing and service flow of your reception. How long will people spend eating, dancing, toasting and any other activities you may envision for that day? If you’re planning an overnight celebration, have you considered the midnight snacks? Maybe even breakfast? Share your ideas with the experts you trust to plan your day and allow them to assist you in organizing the timing of food and drinks so that your guests are energized during the entire event. 
And, as a little treat, we’d like to share some tropical ideas from our Wedding Menu at Hilton Papagayo Costa Rica Resort & Spa, by Executive Chef, Nicolas Piatti (Check out his photo album)

A refreshing and light appetizer: Trout Salad with Seasonal Artichokes.
Absolutely delicious Grilled Lobster Tail with Costa Rican Vegetables
Passion Fruit Parfait

Chef Piatti is recommending a nice, balanced and tropical selection, to match our atmosphere. We encourage you to use all the information from your research and your suppliers to create your own menu, one that reflects you and your significant other’s personalities and history. Overall, feel free to let your imagination run wild, after all, this is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion and you deserve to have it all.  
As always, more to come….
Warm Regards from Sunny Papagayo, Costa Rica.


  1. Your wedding should be all about you and your fiancee. From the music, food and etc but don't disregard your guests' happiness as well and what usually makes the guests happy? Food!


  2. Thanks for sharing information on menu selection of your wedding. I am in search of amazing event space for arranging my sister’s wedding reception and also these ideas will help me in finalizing menu items for her special day. Hope to find a right venue for this event and wish to have good time.

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