Friday, May 16, 2014

Planning your wedding – Day #1… Where to start?!

Planning a wedding itself could be stressful enough, especially when everything comes together (short time, huge guests list, destination wedding, a lot of ideas but nothing solid, etc), that why we want to provide you with a quick list of tools that will help you to get the ball rolling.
Budget Breakdown: You may have tons of ideas, but the first step will be to define and set a real and solid budget, this will allow you to concentrate in option that you will be able to afford and that will not affect the rest of the planning.
To-Do List: Put all your ideas and steps together, make sure you set a sequence of actions you must take in order to not forget any important detail. Include all this on your list and make sure it is on a logical sequence. You don’t want to start looking at flowers and linens until you have chosen your colors palette.
Guest List: Based on a few items, like budget and location you can create the most convenient guest list, make sure you send invitation with enough time and request a RSVP that will allow you to move quickly if need it.
Wedding Timeline (Ceremony, Cocktail, Reception and Party): This step will require a bit of assistance from your wedding coordinator or location contact (Hotel Coordinator, for instance), as they will have a better sense of important and key points such as weather conditions, daylight, and temperatures.
Wedding Details (Menu and Deco): This one could take a bit longer as it included a lot of details; make sure you designed enough time to this one. You can also get some support from several ideas you find on the internet.
Seating Chart: Good thing here is that this will be your call… some couple doesn’t like to do seating charts and leave it free for every guest to choose where to seat. In case you definitely want to do a seating chart, make sure you get a good feedback from your wedding coordinator in terms of the location lay out.
Service Providers (Vendors) Agenda: Super important to have all your vendors up and running and make sure that everything will be on time and as planned.
Check and Go: Final one… just check out all the above and the rest you have to do is say “I Do”.
Stay tune… more to come!

Warm regards from Papagayo, Costa Rica.

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