Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Should I have a full blown wedding or a sweet and simple elopement?

It all depends. Our property is really a great place to do any of the two, but the most important thing, is your intention for having the wedding. Of course that you are getting married because you plan to spend the rest of your life with your “honey bun” “hubby” or “krispy crème” (so many nicknames!), but on the day of… there is a way you can choose to start it! 

A large wedding is a great opportunity not only share your memorable experience with others, but also to thank all those friends and family, especially “Uncle Jimmy” (you know you have one in your family!). You can have so much fun at this type of wedding, because once you say I do, it’s time to enjoy a few drinks, eat great food and dance like a wild monkey! Its Costa Rica after all…

For elopements, its more about an intimate moment between the bride and groom, not having a worry in the world! If your “happy tears” start coming out a bit earlier than expected, and your mascara starts running a bit, it’s ok… If you start walking down the aisle and you forgot the bouquet back in the room while you are getting ready, it’s ok… if you tripped on the sand (without a cause in sight!) as you were gazing at your future husband, ITS OK! It’s your day, and you are sharing it with the only person that loves to see you just the way you are!

So as you can see, it all depends what you are looking for. After all, it is YOUR day! should somebody tell you different?


  1. This is very romantic. It would be lovely indeed to hold your wedding at Costa Rica.

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  2. This is a similar question I asked myself recently after my boyfriend surprisingly proposed. I already got the ring, so what now? He asked me to decide whether to have a lavish or a simple and intimate wedding. -Cadence