Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Traditional wedding back home, or destination wedding + honeymoon in a tropical paradise?

It has become quite common that we get wedding groups that will stay for a few nights, and have a wedding that guests just can’t stop talking about. Newlyweds then choose to continue their honeymoon in Costa Rica, checking out nearby destinations.

Why so?.... Why not!

What better place to enjoy it, when you have great places to do tours as a couple! Places such as zip lining over the canopies, enjoying naturally heated pools by a perfectly shaped volcano, getting a great snapshot while white water rafting, hiking trails in beautiful cloud forests as the afternoon mist reaches eye level, or simply watch the sun set over the horizon of the pacific coast of Costa Rica, as you hear howler monkeys and the chirps of parakeets from afar. You may have done one of these…but have you done all in one trip?....I didn’t think so!

On our property, there is so many “secret” places for newlyweds to really spend time together, but I can’t say it on this blog…because then it would be that much of a secret would it!

Tie in your honeymoon to your destination wedding. It really saves money, there are so many options, and nobody has to know where you are (leave that ipod/imac/ipad…isomething at home!)

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