Thursday, May 5, 2011

That’s just crazy!

Top 7 fun & unbelievable wedding moments I’ve experienced at Hilton Papagayo .
by Andre Brathwaite – Catering and Event Manager

·         Getting married, groom jumps in the pool right after dinner, and loses his wedding ring….after 30 minutes of touching the floor of the pool with his toes, finds the ring!

·         Groom cancelling the entire wedding on wedding day, and 5 hours later (after everything was cancelled), asks for it to be reinstated the next day…and to this day they are still happily married

·         Seeing a 70 yr old father of the bride break dancing. Show them what you got!

·         Groom forgets the rings in the room safe, while the ceremony was still in progress!

·         Being given a “small gift” by a bird right on my shirt, as I walk up to the groom to inform him that the ceremony will be starting. They say it’s good luck…for who may I ask!?

·         Topping off the night by seeing the bride, groom and 60 wedding guests jumping into our Vida Pool at 10 pm.

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